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The tradition of chewing Pan Masala specially after eating anything or at leisure is very ancient & traditional in India. We at "PARAS" try to keep the legacy of cultural heritage and taste to its original flavours and serve the Pan Masala to its admirers.

At "PARAS" the zeal to serve the best Pan Masala foster us to take an extra mile in choosing the best quality ingredients and blend right natural flavours by select processes to bring you the premium quality Pan Masala. The punch and power of the product has been kept intact under the supervision of Industry experts and strict quality policies.

With the changing time and habits, the way of consuming pan Masala is also changing quickly. We at 'PARAS' provide convenient packs of Pan Masala in sizes

0% tobaco and no added nicotine

Chewing of Pan Masala is Injurious to Health, Not for Minors.